The Best Thing an Insane Could Do

I'm a girl but I do like playing playstation or PSP, well, kind of that.


Stay in my Aunt house then play with my cousin named Nadia (She's 3 and soooooo cute)

My little sister (actually not little anymore! she even bigger than me -.-) and my another cousin named Andrea (call her just Dea) took over the PS stick from my hands then i had nothing to do then i got bored then i got hungry then i was so briliant then i ate my lil sis and also Andrea then i still got hungry then i ate myself (?)

forget it

I got bored than there was a box full of Nadia's toys. Then I tried to make things to be something that i've been thinked before to make that things to be something that you would like to think of it if it is a thing you would like to think or you won't think bout that thing. Lol.

I just found myself made those stuff of toys to a castle full of weird things (?)

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