The Most Touching Word. Sorry.

1st Week of August

Dear Diary,
Actually there was nothing so special in this week. But I had great moments with my family and my friends 

On the 1st of August, my Aunt married with his boyfriend (that's mean now her husband). Finally, I thought. My Aunt is the 6th child of the 7. The 5th and the 7th are married already far before my Aunt. They even already have children. That was the last time for my grandpa and grandma to marry off their children with the sweethearts of their children.

The party was so festive. I was so excited. First, we did the 'Ijab Kabul' part. Then, some Sundanesse traditions. And the time that i had been waited... all the guests were welcome to enjoy dishes that had been served. Yeay! I ate a lot. I almost got a serious stomachache because of too much eating. Luckily, I stopped ate when I felt my stomach couldn't accomodate those delicious foods again. When the party ended, I watched Justin Bieber Diary on Global TV together with my little sisters, my cousins and my aunts. We got home from my-grandpa-and-my-grandma's house around 8 o'clock. We was so exhausted.

On the 5th of August, to welcome the Ramadhan month, our school held an event in the mosque near our school. The students and the teachers were crammed in mosque for reciting the 99 Asmaul Husna and listen to the lecture by the cleric. We also did the muhasabah. We had to close our eyes then listen to the cleric. Then, there it was. We were crying over and over again and said sorry to alot of people. It was a warm moment. Me and my girl friends were hug each other and started to cry because of we were touched by the sorry words that we said to one another.

I think that's all. I have to back to lots of my homework… See You.

Excited for Ramadhan,
 Gita 

P.S. To welcome the Ramadhan month with the white heart, apologize me for the intentionally and unintentionally mistakes 

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