Kursi Malas

Good morning, readers.

I would like to present you: http://kursimalas.tumblr.com/

Such a pleasure to have you as our lovely and loyal visitor. (Maybe the first?)

It all started with a huge depression of life and a LINE group chat. Life (or PMS?) took me to a situation of anger, which I'd like to punch anyone in front of me. But no. I wouldn't punch my parents or my sisters. Then I punched myself deep on the heart. Until I felt like I wanna vomit everywhere.

And the good, also bad part, this brain of mine wouldn't stop thinking and flooding me a lot of ideas. I wanted to vomit all it out. But where? Okay, the phone notes. But I felt like this phone wouldn't enough to place all the shits. Then I remembered that my friends had the same problem as mine.

Then I went with this idea, they welcomed it well. And we decided to call it as 'Kursi Malas'.

Now, it takes me, Frida and Dias as the contributors of this silly tumblr account.

Whatever, we don't care and don't need your judgement (unless you can appreciate the works). We feel alive.

Thank you,

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