Hey bloggeys! My lastest post just a day before this, so that's mean my blog quite update right? I mean, yeah, I am updating my life -you could say. But hey, in my Royal Wedding post, I once mentioned about miathermopolis.com and I did promise you about this. I mean, explain what exactly is miathermopolis.com

I mean, yeah, you know it's a site. From Mia. Mia Thermopolis, princess of Genovia!

HAHA I've found that site about a year ago, then I'm quite often visiting that site. I mean, I LOVE MEG CABOT!

I thought I would never get a chance to read more about Mia's life -which is driving me crazy cos I DO curious about it and the novel series is over, damn it, at first. BUT AHHH If you read Mia's blog (she said, while it is actually a site not a blog like blogspot.com or what. C'mon! Princess writin on a blog? What a mess!) you will like, GOSH I'M BACK TO PRINCESS DIARIES SERIES!

Kalo lo baca site-nya Mia, itu bakal kayak lu baca novelnya!!! Ah, Meg Cabot keren ya. Mengkhayal. Serius deh, khayalannya Meg Cabot tentang mendalami suatu karakter keren banget -or actually Mia is Meg, got it? Jangan-jangan kepribadian Young Meg bener-bener kayak Mia? Ah au deh yang penting keren banget bisa ngekhayal with all Kingdom stuffs!

And you know what mia-and-michael-lovers? Let's flashback all your memories when you read Princess D Series! Remember Ransom My Heart, the book that Mia wrote? It is actually here! In the real world! It's out in our world! In this Earth. 

Back to her site, it gives us continuous of Mia's life. Mia wrote everything on her site -which is actullay Meg on behind. Start from how excited she was about her book, Ransom My Heart until how Michael Moscovitz got bored in Will&Kate Royal Wedding!

--> Go to her site
--> Check out Meg Cabot newest books


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