Getting to hate 2013

Everything changes. People will not stay the same, they judge, they talk, they stab, they hurt. It's better to have a gap for a while until eveything's clear enough. I regret for setting my expectation high to people. They are not all good. Not what I thought they will lighten you up when down. Instead, they seem ok seeing you down.

Trial and error do exist in the way we do social life. Maybe we just need some gap to realize what we did, what we actually needed, what we shouldn't  have done. That's really true. It may hurt, but hey, life goes on.

You know, I regret 2013. A bit. Sometimes I wonder "why world didn't end on 2012?!" Yeah, that means I wouldn't have set my expectations high to people around me and for what struggle I did, well you name it. Means no regret. Means no broken heart. Means no sad feeling. Means great.

Target-target yang berjatuhan.

Orang-orang yang berubah.

Raga yang kehilangan jiwa.

Aku yang beku, ingin sendiri.

Atau hanya ingin dimaklumi?

But life goes on.

Lesson learnt: Lebih baik merasa sendiri namun sebenarnya tidak sendiri dibandingkan selalu merasa tidak sendiri namun sebenarnya sendiri.

It's better to feel alone but actually there's  someone who always gets your back, rather than, always feel crowded with people to hang on  but actually you're with no one, alone.

Kita butuh waktu, untuk menyesuaikan segalanya. Mungkin juga untuk introspeksi. Atau mendekatkan diri kepadaNya.

Setiap masalah hanyalah rasa rindu Tuhan pada hambaNya.


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