She knows, it hurts

“Save the girl with a porcelain face and fishnet tights, for she is calling out your name.
She is beautiful, why don’t you ever notice her? She helps many, but she cannot help herself.
She’s being swallowed by a whole lot of nothingness. Her brain is eating her up from the inside out. But not her heart.
She doesn’t have her heart anymore because she gave it to that sinister, blue-eyed boy.
No matter how much she cries out, he always fails to acknowledge it. Why must she pass him in these hallways?
She can never just escape and find that bit of freedom she’d like to call her own.
Everything hurts. Mentally and physically.
Her mouth is dirty. She needs to quit talking. Every word comes out twisted and dry. She needs an opening. She needs love… -tumblr

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