I'll tell you later

Nah, our english assignment. About informative text. We took Aurora as our topic. We have to submit the print-out (we had), then present the presentation in front of the class, and make a video bout it. 

Heh? You know what? At the first I didnt even know what is Aurora -__- I thought they mean by The Princess. Nope. Aurora. Like rainbow. Like wavin flag up above the sky with the amazing color. For clear, search on google :P

The video, hem.. We got problem there. But, it was okay since there is me in that group (?) Not at all of course. Actually, it was okay cos the members of the group are as pretty as Aurora (?)

We went to KOTA TUA (2nd time for me, remember my post bout Kota Tua before?) We took all scenes there. The reporters, of course not me, Sari and Pucho. 

Unforgettable moment.

I'll post it later. 

The experience I mean. 

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