Wanna know bout this silly girl? Hope you dont :P

Basic Info
  • Sex :Female
  • Birthday :January 10
  • Relationship Status : Single
  • Interested In :Men
  • Looking For :Friendship
  • Religious Views :Moeslem


Me: I'm a girl
X: Hey you idiot, it was already known by ur sex there!! >.<
Me: Yeah. So what?
X: Say something!
Me: I said it
X: What?
Me: Whatever
Me: You won't hear it if u ask me to say something
X: Oh yeah *speechless* So, type it!
Me: About me?
X: Yes of course! Hurry!
Me: I'm a human
X: Don't say it!
Me: Hey I haven't wrote it on my profile that I'm a human, I just wrote that I'm a girl by the type of sex there (type of sex?!)
X: You're crazy!
Me: YEAY (?)
X: I'm beautiful~~
Me: So, you're a girl?
X: Ummmmmm...... I'm a boy.. oh no.. both I mean
Me: Oh I just met this wishy-washy X
X: My name is...............X --" Oh I hope my name isn't only an X
Me: I hope too (<--- I'm a liar :P)
X: Back to the topic, about you
Me: Oh about me~~~ Ah I bet you're my big fan~~
X: Don't waste my time please -__-
Me: I'm a little special sister for Jesse McCartney and Carter Jenkins...
Me: Don't waste my time please. Let me complete it. I'm Justin Bieber's best friend. And I got secret special relationship with Logan Lerman.......
X: Really? I can't believe it!
Me: Kyaaaa~ Me too! I can't believe it!
X: How can? That's your life!
Me: It's just my imagination -__-
X: AAAA You're such a big liar!!
Me: Hey don't judge people when they haven't completed their story! You just didn't give me a chance to complete it!
X: Oh sorry --" Tell me the truth
Me: I'm a fan of Jesse McCartney, Carter Jenkins, and Logan Lerman. And I'm a big fan of Justin Bieber. I'm a Belieber!! I got Bieber Fever!!
X: I'm a fan of youuuu
Me: Who did ask you for that?
X: For your information --"
Me: No need. Thanks
X: Urghh.... Okay, I'll correct it...
Me: Yayayaya whatever
X: AAAA I'm not a fan of you anymore!
Me: Whoa! So, you've been my fan? When?
X: AAA ENOUGH!!!! STOP IT!! Don't tease me!!
Me: Who did tease you? I'll kick him (or her)!
X: O.M.G

To Be Continued...

X: Please God! Omgomgomgomg! Enough for today!
Me: Ah~~ We will meet again in the next conversation~~~ O.O (Y)

Moral for today: don't judge people when they haven't completed their story

No haters. Just for fun, just for laugh, justin. No. Kidding. Just for fun and laugh XD

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