Busiest weeks (OH GOD! I've many busiest weeks)

Hey guys, so long no see you (?)

Yeah, I mean, all my activities made me very busy this week and the weeks before, so I can't post anything for this blog. It was so busy because I've to finish my project.

My article project. Ok. I 'll tell you. There's a website that work together with
some international schools in this world. That is THINKQUEST. And that site told us to make project. Yeah, article project. Our school, SMPN 49 JKT told us to make that project. All of us (the Sbi) required to follow that contest. Ok, maybe it will be cool, because the prize is laptop and we can go to the next round (if we win in this round, we'll get a prize; trip to America). But its incriminate us. It's not easy.

There's some choice about the theme. Our group(me, Peni, Pucho, Sonia )have choosen the Not-So-Bad theme -->>> "Fight Corruption!"

But we keep fighting until the last day, 17 March. We only given 3 weeks to complete it (Yeah, we still have a few days to collect it).

We need your support guys! Please pray for us, for our champion. Please SUPPORT us.

Love you guys!

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